Belpy's Sugar Flavor


We are the first-of-its-kind platform where we attract users in native, allowing free-to-play users and newcomers to have equal access and an equal opportunity to play fun games, earn yield, and other incentives of value.


What To Know

What makes BELP unique?

> Unlike most P2E games on the market, all games on the BELP platform will be free for all. > No matter how bad or good you are, there is always a chance to win. > Weekly Leaderboard Prizes. > Suitable for all ages.  > Belpy’s Sugar Flavor is a hyper-casual puzzle matching game that makes it easy to earn daily! Players can win rewards for just simply clearing each stage, participating in tournaments, ranked play, and quests, and have a chance to win collectible BELPY NFTs of varying rarity, mystery boxes, and even tokens.

BELP is the go-to platform for gamers from all over the world, allowing both communities of Gamefi and Defi to connect; a two-way bridge between Gamefi and Defi, empowering both ecosystems by leveraging the knowledge side of DeFi and the action-driven side of P2E.


Try out belp's cute , casual, but also challenging gameplay! With an interesting new take on puzzle games and NFT prizes you'll surely Don't wanna miss it ! 🐈 ❤️


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Just started playing the 2nd beta test of BelpySugarFlavor! Very cute game and quite getting addictive as time passes, Time to look out for those bugs tho! ;)

Ivor Lee Jaren A. Lacson

@VRLee16 Link
Playing BelpySugarFlavor and its a great game lesgoow everyone.

Gardinero | B4G

@Pio28398957 Link
This cute new puzzle game is quite fascinating because it is quite unlike the puzzle games you've played in the past, such as Candy Crush, Puzzle Royale, and Wastelands. You need not be concerned about the gameplay of Belpy's Sugar Flavor, as it is simple to play with a guide on easy levels. Regarding my feedback during the first round of beta-testing, I have observed that they listen to my ideas, as well as those of others! Since he is using both Filipino and English, the AMAs thus far have been incredibly informative and simple to comprehend. I anticipate additional AMAs with other guilds would be as good as the last time or even better! Many events are happening on the BELPS Discord server, and there is a surprise giveaway that will astound you! Come and join us on this sweet and wonderful journey in Belpy's Sugar Flavor! 💜🐱


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