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Despite falling into the category of degen mints, Gothic team has very high... hopes for the future of this community and a vision of things we want to achieve. Already we have managed to create a lot of noise with our loud raids and unique art, rising the initial price by 40x, which is really outstanding in the present market conditions.


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What To Know

Together, we will go over multiple points and directions which the team wants to develop

1) Art Consulting 2) 1/1 Meta/Goblets 3) Gothic Brand Development 4) ? 5) … I will give some thoughts and ideas of why each of these 3 (4th and 5th are the secret ones) directions are going to be beneficial for the project and for the holders

Gothic Beep Boop! Welcoming @TaiyoRobotics to the collection with this sick collab. DJ Khalid says: Another One!” Hats off to Lion and the @GothicDegens crew. Accumulation pays off! Never a better entry than now, get that Baron ++ #gothicdegens

Familiar Bot

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Damn, these look sexy! My favorite #GothicTaiyo so far. Thank you @GothicDegens and @TaiyoRobotics for this amazing collaboration!


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Wen airdrop? Wen Taiyo? Wen can we paperhand? @GothicDegens, Mark my works, the days of dumping your airdrops will come to and end soon. Holding these tight and building with them @merchant_dao. Best thing to do now is collect! #LFGOTH

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👀🔥People wondering if it's worth it to own @GothicDegens... I own 20 Gothic Degens and got airdropped 7 Gothic Taiyos tonight - SO FAR! 👀 That's almost $600 - FOR FREE! So yes, imo, it's totally worth owning Gothic Degens! #LFGOTH #GothicDegens #GothicTaiyos #TaiyoRobotics

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